18 years old, male (he/his/him), pansexual, music composer & producer, otaku shitnerd, thrashfag moeblob buttrocker. I will not make trap music or the Organisation will be after me. El Psy Kongroo.

hi, still around (sort of). some news is that im knocking down more of the metallica discography and can do the lead part of i dissapear now, learning a couple solos too.

i still can’t bring myself to use tumblr but for the time being you can find me on twitter (@amphobius) where i’ll be regularly updating again. im also on select irc networks and still on skype if you need me, with the ask box still open.

also, we got a chromecast

james hetfield’s glorious ass in 1080p on my tv aaa

TRACK: Space Station No. 9
ARTIST: amphobius

Last thing that I’ll probably be posting for a good while, but I may as well share this.

This is a near final version of a track I plan to put on my upcoming EDM ep. It’s a departure from what I normally do (I guess you could call it breaks or progressive house) but I’m relatively happy with the progress so far. Next things I plan to do are more additions and stuff over the top, the arrangement itself is mostly done and remixing the song.

so uh, yeah. not going to be on tumblr for a while..

i’ll be on skype if you want me. username is in the tags. i’ll respond to asks since i have email notifs on.

It is time I go and talk to some very important people and tell them the truth.

It is not a truth I am proud of, but I have been hiding this for far too long and I need to fix that.

If you don’t hear from me anymore, it’s more that I don’t particularly want to be on the internet much for awhile, but the truth will be told to those who need to know.

If you yourself want to know what happened, please send me an ask. I will respect whatever decision you will make.


I’m trying to take pictures of the cats I’m taking care of for my brother and ended up with this ridiculous cat selfie I’m fdgh

opening solo is NEARLY there, just the end i’m having trouble with at tempo still. gonna practice that more and then get the second solo later on learned

i am dumb as hell for fucking up that A-F chord progression right after the solo

(metallica, one, …and justice for all)

x asuka x nge x


The Four Horsemen live in San Diego 1992. My favourite concert.